4 Ingenious Moving Hacks

When it comes time to move from an old home to someplace new, there’s a lot to remember and a lot to do. Sometimes there are things we don’t consider until it’s too late (like duct tape, bubble wrap and Sharpies).

Moving can be a headache—and no one likes it—but with a few good friends and a few handy tricks, it makes the task much easier. To help you out, we’ve assembled a short list of handy moving tips.

1. Snacks as Moving Hacks

Not only are snacks like Pringles and popcorn tasty, they can come in handy when it’s time to move.

Once you’ve polished off the chips, a washed Pringles can is indispensable for packing up pens, pencils and the conglomeration of stuff in your junk drawer. These handy cans store a number of loose items that could otherwise end up rolling around the floor of your moving truck.

And when you run out of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, good old fashioned popcorn—which is also dirt cheap—is a terrific substitute. Pop a few kernels and use it to fill up the empty space in your boxes of fragile items. Just don’t use a buttered variety!

2. Stretch It!

When you’re hauling boxes in and out of the house, few things are as annoying as having the door slam on you over and over again (and it’s even worse when you get locked out)! How to fix that problem? A simple, wide rubber band.

Hook one end of the rubber band over the inside knob, turn the knob so it’s in the “open” position, twist the band in an “X” over the latch and hook the other end to the outside knob. Now your latch is held open and the door gives way freely.

Rubber bands also come in super handy for keeping small boxes closed or binding clothes hangers together by their hooks. You can even use them to mark your water bottle. Just wrap one around the base of your bottle: now you can set it down safely and know which one is yours when you pick it up again.

3. Plate It Up

When you’re packing up your kitchen, you’ll need to be extra careful with plates and glasses so they don’t get broken en route to your new home.

You could buy special foam squares to separate your plates and keep them safe, but that can be expensive. Instead, buy a party pack of foam plates at your local grocery store. They cost pennies and they’ll protect your dishes better than foam squares or newspaper.

Bonus: when you get to your new place, you’ll have something to eat off of while you’re unpacking…with no need to wash dishes afterward!

4. Bag Up Your Bolts

Sandwich bags and painter’s tape are a great way to organize all those cords, remotes, and extra screws you’re going to accumulate when you disconnect electronic equipment.

You might think you’re going to remember which loose allan wrench fits into the patio umbrella base and which fits into the knockdown TV stand, but when you’re in your new place staring at dozens of unmarked cords, a handful of various sized screws and bolts, and a junkpile of bracketry for who-knows-what, you’ll wish you had taken the time to label everything. By organizing and bundling all your hardware by function, you’ll save yourself so much time!

As soon as you pull your flatscreen off the bedroom wall, immediately place the screws, bolts, and custom-sized allan wrench in a sandwich bag marked “bedroom TV.” Tape that to the bracket, if you’re taking it with you. Now you’ve got the whole setup neatly contained and easy to install in your new home. Rinse and repeat for every disassembled item.

We hope our hacks have made your move a little easier. Now go ahead and use all that time you saved to sit down to pizza with your moving buddies.

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